The Rainy City!

Some of my lovely Spanglish fellows and one of our dearest host mother.!

Time flies, we have already been here two weeks. Yikes!!! Since I got here the green side of Seattle captured my attention and I was wondering why they have too many green and beautiful trees. Well, I got a logical answer from someone: “…because there’s so much rain”.  Oh, right! I’ve been lucky because during the last couples of weeks I have enjoyed the beautiful sunny days, without any humidity but only fresh air. As every good thing comes to an end, today I experienced my first rain when I was at the farmers market with my host mother. Since I noticed that it was raining  I start running to not get wet. Then I said to myself “Patricia, welcome to the rainy city”. Even if it is a rainy city it is a wonderful place to live. I’ve been very impressed with the diversity of places and people you can find here.

I am with the sweetest family here in Seattle. I am really enjoying my time with them and getting to know a little bit more about the American culture. I cannot avoid thinking about how different are the things back in my country. We are having blast learning from each other. My Spanish classes for Juanito (my young host brother) and Don (my host father) began last week. Susan (my host mother) and Chris (my oldest host brother) already know a bit so we are just practicing as much as we can.

These past two weeks have been a good time for me, not just to offer my hungry and passionate desire to learn with an open heart and an open mind, but also to share with others my work experiences, my story, and my culture. Getting to know the iLEAP staff and my fellows has been an incredible experience. I think day by day we are becoming a family – or more than that we are building our community to serve a global community. I love the innovative way in which this program was designed and I think the iLEAP staff has done a great job selecting social leaders from different backgrounds that will help us to gain a better idea on development work around the world. Me encantan mis fellows and the work they do for the common good. The interactions with leaders of social change from Seattle that we have met have deeply inspired and given me hope to see the things with different glasses.

I feel so blessed and grateful for having the chance to be here in this experience. One of my intentions is to enjoy every single moment. I feel like this experience is empowering more to continue looking for different ways to build a global community.

I know that we will have a lot of rain during the next eight weeks but I also know that alongside of that, there still are so many things to come and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them!


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